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Title I Schools 2015-2016
Focus Schools (Focus) are 10 percent of all Title I schools across the state having the largest gap between the "all students" subgroup and the lowest performing subgroup or a Title I eligible high school with graduation rates 60 percent or lower.  These schools are unique in that they do not require whole school reform measures, rather school interventions that will focus on one or two subgroups that are low achieving and contribute to an increased achievement gap between other subgroups of students in the school.   A school will remain a Focus School until it meets the exit criteria defined in Maryland's ESEA Flexibility Plan. 
 Priority schools (Priority, SIG) are five percent of all Title I schools that are the lowest achieving on state assessments. These schools have not reached adequate performance standards in reading and mathematics for the “all students” subgroup, not just for low-performing subgroup populations.  A school will remain a Priority School until it meets the exit criteria defined in Maryland's ESEA Flexibility Plan.   


 AMO Schools (AMO) are schools that need to meet the Annual Measurable Objectives for all students and the eight subgroups identified in No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  The intent, therefore, is to ensure that schools direct their instructional improvement efforts toward historically low performing subgroups and, by extension, all low performing students. The goal of 100% proficiency ensures that all students, not just low performing students, are expected to continuously progress.  

Targeted Assistance Schools (TAS), primarily addressed in section 1115 of Title I, Part A, are ones that receive Part A funds yet are ineligible or have chosen not to operate a Title I schoolwide program. The term "targeted assistance" signifies that the services are provided to a select group of children--those identified as failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet the State's challenging content and student performance standards--rather than for overall school improvement, as in schoolwide programs. Like schoolwide program schools, the goal of a targeted assistance school is to improve teaching and learning to enable Part A participants to meet the challenging State performance standards that all children are expected to master.   

School Wide (SW)  schools may use funds to upgrade the school's entire educational program.  However, care should be exercised that children in greatest need reap the benefit of the Title I funding.  A schoolwide program must be based on a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school.  The school must develop a schoolwide reform strategy that provides opportunities for all children to meet the state's advanced and proficient performance levels. Schoolwide program evaluation is based on the achievement of all students.   




Phone Number   

 Adelphi (SW)     

  Chelsea Hill


 Andrew Jackson (FOCUS) (SW)        

 Veonca Richardson 


 Barnaby Manor Elementary  (TAS) (AMO) 

 Viola Lynch  


 Beacon Heights  (AMO) (SW)   

 Lynne Stuewe   


 Benjamin Stoddert Middle (SIG)(SW)   

 Michael Gilchrist


 Bladensburg (AMO) (SW)     

Judith Williams   


 Bradbury Heights (AMO) (SW) 

  Lynnette Walker


 Buck Lodge Middle  (AMO)  (SW)   

John Brooks, Interim  Principal


 Calverton (AMO) (SW)    

 Monique Sloan   


 Carmody Hills (AMO) (SW)   

 Rolaetta Alford   


 Carole Highlands (SW)    

Shawna Holden   


 Carrollton (FOCUS) (SW)     

Catherine T. Reed  (TAS)                        

Nancy Schickner

Nicole Warner



 Cesar Chavez (SW)   

 Jose Taboada   


 Charles Carroll (FOCUS) (SW)      

 David Curry   


 Cherokee Lane (AMO) (SW)   

 Sheena Hardy  


 Chillum (AMO)  (SW)  

 Sheila Jefferson  


Columbia Park (SW)   

 Michelle Tyler-Skinner  


Concord (AMO)  (SW)

 Carolyn George-Remy   


Cool Spring (AMO) (SW)

Cameron Millspaugh 


Cooper Lane (SW)

Cora L. Rice (TAS)

 Sana Sims 

Mattie Turman     



 District Heights (TAS) 

 Marlowe Blount-Rich   


 Dodge Park  (AMO) (SW) 

Josette Moise, Acting Principal


 Doswell Brooks  (AMO) (SW)

 Anita Stoddard   


 Drew Freeman Middle (SIG) (SW)

 LeTrecia Gloster 


 Edward Felegy (TAS) 

  Walter Reap


 Francis Scott Key (TAS)

  Judie Strawbridge


 Flintstone  (AMO) (SW)   

 Brandi Stinson   


 Forest Heights (AMO) (SW)

 Chester Brookover   


 Gaywood (FOCUS)  (SW)

 Damien Goins   


 G. James Gholson Middle (SIG) (SW)

  Jacqueline Marshall-Hall


 Gladys Noon Spellman (AMO) (SW) 

Brandi Smith


 Glassmanor (SW)      

 Diane Jones   


Glenridge  (SW)  

High Point High School   

 Gloria McCoy   

Sandra Jimenez



Hillcrest Heights   (TAS) (AMO)

 Traci Brown  


 Hyattsville ES (TAS)  

  Julia Burton


 Hyattsville MS (TAS) 

  Kimberly Washington


 James McHenry (TAS) 

 Jane Handelsman   


 J Frank Dent (TAS) 

  Anita Walls


 John H. Bayne (TAS) (AMO)

 Joyce K. Phillips  


 Judge Sylvania Woods, Sr.  (SW)

 Michelle Williams


 Kenmoor (TAS)(AMO)

 Nicole Crumpler  


 Lamont (SW)                                     

 Massa Washington


 Langley Park-McCormick (AMO)(SW)

 Laurel (TAS)

 Kina Flood

Melinda J.  Lee



 Lewisdale (AMO)  (SW)

 Patricia Belgrave   


 Mary Harris Jones (AMO) (SW)

 Niki Brown   


 Mount Rainier (SW)

 Shawn Hintz   


 Nicholas Orem Middle (AMO) (SW) 

North Forestville (TAS)

 Theresa Merrifield   

Falecia McMillian



 Oaklands (TAS) 

 Audrey Briscoe   


 Overlook (SW)       

 Ingrid Williams   


 Oxon Hill MS (SIG) (SW) 

  Wendell Coleman


Paint Branch (TAS)


 Emmett Hendershot

Patricia Wells 



 Port Towns (AMO)  (SW)

 Lisa Farabaugh   


 Princeton (SW)   

 HeNina Bunch  


 Ridgecrest (AMO)  (SW)

 Denise Dunn   


 Riverdale (AMO) (SW)  

 Cheryl Hughes


 Robert Frost (SW)

 Renita Alexander


 Robert R. Gray (SW)

 Cheryl Franklin  


 Rogers Heights (AMO) (SW)    

 Barbara Bottoms


 Rosa Parks (AMO) (SW)    

 Tara Minter


 Samuel Chase (TAS)    

Jeanetta Rainey


 Samuel Massie Academy (AMO)(SW)

 Michelle Pegram


 Seabrook (TAS)    

 Clareta Spinks


 Seat Pleasant (AMO) (SW)

  Lachonta Richardson


 Springhill Lake (AMO)  (SW)

 Natasha Jenkins


 Suitland (TAS) 

 Pamela Preston


 Templeton (AMO) (SW)

 Ebony Harrington


Thomas Johnson MS (SIG) (SW)

Thomas S. Stone (AMO) (SW)

Rodney McBride

Helda Morad



Thurgood Marshall (SIG) (SW)

DeMarco Clark   


 William Beanes (TAS) (AMO)

 Dana Tutt


 William W. Hall Academy (SW)    

 Darryl Evans   


 William Paca  (AMO) (SW)

 Dorothy Clowers   


 William Wirt Middle (FOCUS) (SW)    

  Roger Prince


 Woodridge (AMO)  (SW)    

 Viola Harris   





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